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3 Awesome Business Card Design Ideas

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Your business card is your main way of communicating with other people and making sure that they know and remember who you are. In order to help speed this process along, you will want to make sure that you have an amazing business card that will stick in people's heads. Look at these three business card design ideas and see if one or more would work for you.

1. Don't Make it Flat

One idea is to somehow make your business card textured or straight-up three dimensional if you can make it relate to your actual business or talents. For example, if you own a cheese factory, consider reinforcing your business card with metal and turning it into a cheese grater. If you work with computers, make your business card a tiny plastic keyboard with the letters in your name on the top row instead of the traditional "QWERTYUIOP."

2. Make One Side Entirely a Picture

Another idea to make your business card stand out among all of the other ones in a person's wallet is to have the entirety of one side be a picture, rather than a blank back. For example, a car insurance agent could have a dynamic picture of a car crash on the back of their car. A graphic designer could have a detailed design that he or she created. A person who owns a bar could have the entirety of the back of his or her card be a picture of the beers that he or she offers. By having the back of your card be a picture, people who are going through their wallets will be more likely to pick up and examine your card.

3. Make it Tearable

One of the only ways that you can truly make your business card interactive is by making it tearable. This means that the card has a perforated line through part of it that allows you to tear off one part of the card without totally mangling it. For example, if you're a lawyer that specializes in divorce, you could print your information on both halves of the card so that it can be ripped in two, with one of the sides being given to each spouse. Even if the card is never torn, people will appreciate your ingenuity. Another idea would be if you're a weight loss clinic. Have a larger person on your card and then make it possible so that you can tear off part of his or her belly.

For more about this topic, talk to a graphic design studio.